Image By Dale Stewart / CC BY 2.0

Life Would be a Little Different With No Bugs

Bugs are everywhere, whether you see them or not. Some are so small that we barely ever see them, while others can be big giant spiders! The thought of having no bugs might sound nice because it would mean no more spider webs, no more wasp stings, and no more creepy crawley bugs all over, but bugs do serve function, as long as they aren't in your house.

80% of plants around the world are angiosperms, which means they are flowering plants. Without insects these plants would not be able to reproduce, thus we would lose most of our food sources. Many of these plants are what animals eat, that we eat. If we didn't have bugs, there would barely be any food for us to eat!

Another thing that would happen is the economy would collapse. Why would bugs affect the economy? Well, in 2005 the global crop production attributable to insect pollination was worth over $215,000,000,000.

Most people don't want bugs in their home, and we don't blame you cause neither do we. However, killing all the bugs in the world would definitely make us worse off! If you have any unwanted pests in your home please give us a call, or send us an email!