Image By Zach Dischner / CC BY 2.0

Keep Out Pests, Even In the Cold

Most people think that when the winter comes and brings cold temperatures most of the bugs die off, but that is very untrue! Pests such as spiders, ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, rats, and mice may slow down a bit, but they don’t go away. In fact, they continue growing, multiplying, and even trying to get into your house more to get out of the cold temperatures. Here are 4 reasons Pest Control is needed during the winter:


1. Pests already in your home.

Pests that are already inside your home, whether the are roaming around and seen, or not seen by you, but inside your walls, are not affected by the cold temperatures of winter. Because they are not affected they will still continue breeding and living in your home.

2. Attics

Attics provide a great place for insects to hide out from the cold. Many wasps and spiders will move into attics to stay away from the cold weather.

3. Rodents

Rodents are a major problem during the winter. If you have any openings in the structure of your home or business rodents of all kinds will make their way into your home trying to get out of the cold.

4. Prevention

The best kind of pest control is preventative pest control, that way you never have a bug problem in the first place. It is very important to keep your preventative treatments going during all times of the year. Preventative treatment is especially important during the winter months, as it helps protect your home from bugs during the very bug active Spring.


If you would like to sign up for a preventative treatment please give us a call today! Our Quarterly Prevention service starts at just $49 for the first service.