Image By Ghedoghedo / CC BY-SA 3.0

Are you afraid of bugs?

What about a bug that is over 2 feet wide? That is how large the Meganisoptera was at one time! These gigantic creatures are not around thankfully, as they died off with the dinosaurs, but there are still some ancestors of these giant bugs today; the dragonfly. Like dragonflies, the Meganisoptera were also predators, but unlike dragonflies, these insects ate more than just smaller bugs! They ate smaller mammals and reptiles as well. Another thing these bugs were apparently adept at was being aquatic predators, just like current dragonflies are today. Perhaps the scariest part of this bug is the fact that it had bigger eyes than any other creature around during its lifetime, meaning it could see its prey and lock in on it miles before the prey would ever be able to see or hear it.

Meganisoptera are also thought to be the first creatures to ever fly like modern dragonflies do. This is because while there were other flying creatures in the time of the dinosaurs, none of them were as agile and could maneuver as quickly as the Meganisoptera. Another thing these bugs were some of the first at doing was hovering, and even flying backwards!