Image By Katja Schulz / CC BY 2.0

Ever Seen a Bug Like This?

Some bugs are creepy, but it's hard to beat the Brazilian Treehopper! This bug can be found in warmer tropical areas in North America, South America, Africa, and Asia. The Treehopper's larvae survive off of the sap from the bottoms of leaves. Not only are plants used as their food, they are also vital to their life cycle. The female Treehopper places her eggs into the tree tissue, and stays until they are born to guard them.

Many scientists have tried to learn what the globes on the Treehoppers head are for, but so far they have no idea. One biologist suggested that the globes are there to deter predators by making the bug look larger and more frightening, while others have suggested it uses them to detect predators near them.


Whatever the case may be, this is one bug we don't want to find in anyones home!