Image By Drägüs / CC BY-SA 3.0

It's Rare, and Very Expensive!

Every country has its own special bugs. For instance, in just certain African countries the Scorpion Fly we talked about last week can be found. Perhaps the rarest bug in the world though, is the Black Beauty Stick Insect. This extremely rare species is only found in a tiny 12-acre area high in the mountains in northern Peru. Because these bugs are so rare, it is very common for people to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for these bugs on the black market. The Black Beauty Stick Insect wasn't even discovered until 2005. Because they are so rare, and were just recently discovered, not much is known about them besides the fact that they are most active at night. TO blend in with their activity during the night, the Black Beauty is completely black, ecept for its golden eyes and bright red wings. They also have a gland in the backs of their head that acts as a defense against other predators. When threatened, they will spray a corrosive, strong-smelling substance into the faces of the predator attacking. This not only causes the predator to give up on his attack on the Black Beauty, but it also can cause long lasting damage, as the corrosiveness of the spray is very strong!