Image By Encyclopedia BritannicaPublic Domain Mark 1.0

A Bug The Size of Goliath!

Most of the time, the bugs we encounter are very small. So small, we don't notice them until there are so many of them that they have multiplied into the thousands, or they have begun crawling on us! Unlike our average sized bug however, the Goliath Beetle would be impossible to miss. It is the largest insect on Earth today. These gigantic beetles can be found in many different African forests, where they feed on Fruits and Tree Sap. Although they prefer Tree Sap and Fruit, when they are held in zoos, they have been found to love eating dog or cat food! Goliath Beetles grow to about 10 inches as adults, but weight a less than a fourth of a pound.

As these beetles grow up they end up shedding their childhood shell. When they are finally ready to molt and become a complete adult, they form a giant dome around themselves made of sand. When it's done building its dome it will create a cocoon inside of it and shed its skin, and regrow an adult exterior. After it does this it goes into a period of hibernation until the rainy season returns, at which point it breaks out and begins feeding on Fruits and Tree Sap.

The Goliath Beetle has two sets of wings, one for protection and one for flying. The outer set of wings are very hard and create a protective barrier for the beetle himself, and his wings. The second set of wings are the ones that he actually uses to fly with. The Y-shaped bars on the end of the Beetles heads are used for fighting over mates. Only the males have this, but when they find a suitable mate they will fight over her using these bars. Females on the other hand have a wedge on their head, which is to help them dig a hole to bury their eggs.