One of The Most Irritating Bugs Out There

Flies are some of the most annoying bugs there are. They get in your house, make that irritating noise as they fly around, and just get all over everything with what seems to be their nasty legs! Flies are not only one of the most irritating bugs to deal with, but they are also very difficult to get rid of from a pest control stand point. Because these bugs are able to fly, they are able to fly from anywhere around your home, so creating a protective barrier around your home that is able to completely cover the whole air space is a pretty difficult task. Although we see these terrible bugs constantly, there are some facts that you probably don't know about flies. Here are 8 facts you probably didn't know about House Flies!

1. They taste with their feet

Flies do not have teeth, so they can't chew up food. So, instead of chewing food they live on a diet that consists of liquid items. But how do they eat only liquid, when we see them on solid foods so often? Well, they regurgitate digestive juices onto the food they are eating, which then breaks it down into a liquid that they are able to eat. Before they eat however, when they find a food source they don't just dig in. They walk around it, on top of it, and taste and get the flavor of all of their food before they turn it into a liquid to digest it.

2. They spread many different diseases

Due to what flies feed on, they are very nasty and dangerous bugs. House Flies commonly feast on feces, and because of this are capable of spreading lots of diseases such as Salmonella and E. Coli. This is why it is very important to keep flies out of your home, and especially off of cooking surfaces.

3. Flies have eyes in the back of their head

Flies have what is called compound eyes. Compound eyes are made up of ommatidia which are tiny independent photoreception units that consist of a cornea, lens, and photoreceptor cells which distinguish brightness and color. Because their eyes are made of so many different lenses they are able to have nearly a 360 degree field of view. Because this field of view is so large, it enables them to virtually have eyes in the back, top, front, rear, and bottom of their head!

On top of their amazing 360 degree field of view, they also have an extremely quick reaction time. That's why it makes it such a problem to kill and swat away flies when you see them. Their brains are able to process what they see much faster than us humans. Our brains process around 60 images a second, while fly brains are able to process over 250 images a second!

4. They have a very short lifespan

The average House Fly doesn't live for more than 30 days! Although they don't live for very long, they sure do get a lot done. In just 30 days each House Fly female lays up to 500 eggs! Because of this high level of productivity, House Flies can cause an infestation very quickly.


Sure, we all hate flies, but who know they tasted with their feet, had a 360 degree field of view, and lived for such a short time! Next time you see a fly in your house, keep in mind just how quickly they can reproduce. If you have flies near your home and would like to avoid an infestation, or already have an infestation and would like it taken care of, please call Certified Pest Control where "We Treat Your Home Like It's Ours."