Ant that Smells Like Coconut

The Odorous House Ant is a common Nashville Pest that can invade your home. They can be brown or black and will grow to an overall size of 1/8”. The odd thing about this species of ant is the odor they emit when crushed. The smell has been described as a licorice, coconut or a rotten odor. It is one of the most common house ants in the United States, so more than likely you have encountered this particular ant.

As the Odorous House Ant is looking for food, it is more than likely to satisfy their insatiable craving for sweets. In an outdoor environment they eat aphids and other small insects that contain honeydew. Their outdoor habitat is typically a colony under rocks, stacks of firewood, leaves, and around mulch surrounding dwellings. However they have a strong tendency to invade homes, due to the fact that we keep so many sweet sources of food in one place. Also, as with many insects, homes provide perfect harborage due to the fact that it is a warm place to nest, with plenty of access to food and moisture. Being a small insect, they seek out cracks, holes where pipes or duct enter the home from outside, and poor sealing door jams. Once inside they colonize and have nests inside walls, behind appliances, seldom used cabinets or even under door mats. With the Odorous House Ant now sharing your home they seek out the delicious sweets they desire. They will invade your pantry, crawl across floors and countertops looking for crumbs and take advantage of anything out in the open that is not in a sealed container. This emphasizes the importance of keeping plants and mulch from being placed right up against your home. Also make sure to regularly check for cracks and crevices that can assist with the ants from gaining entry. Lastly, good housekeeping and moisture elimination goes along ways with eliminating their food source.

This ant does not have a stinger, and is only left to bite in defense. They rarely bite, but instead rely on that same strange smell that they emit when crushed, to keep other predators away. If disturbed, they will run and spray this same odor from their rear. As they are crawling through your house, and over the sweets, they will also use this same odor trail to help orient and assist the colony workers to form regular trails to constant sources of food.

This ant’s population will grow quickly, if not kept in check with proper Pest Control Methods. They can live without water for a few months and are very adaptable to cold and hot weather. Typically they will live through winter as one colony, then as spring and summer have arrived, they will form multiple nests in order to more easily raid your home’s food sources. Each colony normally forms to number up to 2,000, however they have been observed to number into the tens of thousands with multiple queens. The ants you see will be workers, trailing through the house in order to bring back food and the sugar they desire, to feed the colony according to hierarchy. These ants are difficult to control; therefore a method of baiting in order to eliminate the colony must be implemented. Merely using a DIY spray to get rid of the ants you see will do no good.

So, if you have an ant problem in your home, choose to use a professional to properly eliminate the Pest Control Issue that so many have here in Nashville, TN. Leave it to our trained technicians at Certified Pest Control to identify and define the solution to this pesky house invader. Make it your choice to use a Local Nashville Pest Control specialist – Certified Pest Control – to provide a home town, honest approach to keeping your home pest free.