Caterpillar Hunter

The Fiery Searcher is a beautiful ground beetle that is about 1 1 2/” long and is also known as Calosoma Scrutator and Caterpillar Hunter. They are found all over the United States in areas with trees, rocks, firewood piles, fields, or even your garden. This beautiful beetle is also a resident of Nashville, Tennessee. It may be difficult to spot one because they tend to hide during the daytime and hunt at night. But if you are fortunate enough, you will witness a beautiful metallic green beetle with a slight pink border around the edges. Their heads are mostly a shiny black with accents of the same green color from on their bodies, along with black legs and antennae. The term “Fiery Seracher” came about fro seeing the flashes of green from their body, with the pinkish red border surrounding them as if they are luminous or fiery.

The thing that makes this ground beetle stand out is the help that is gives in gardens. Many gardeners are appreciative to have the Fiery Searcher living among their fruits, vegetables and flowers. As a resident of your garden the Fiery Searcher, can assist in keeping garden destroying pests in check. It is quite adept at doing so because unlike many other ground beetles, the Fiery Searcher will also climb stems, branches or tree trunks in search of their meal and they are very fast. They have strong jaws that could crush and eat much more sturdy prey; however the meal of choice is the caterpillar; thus the name “Caterpillar Hunter”. Caterpillars can be quite the garden destroyer, but not with the Fiery Searcher hiding around during daytime waiting for night to come and voraciously feed on as many caterpillars as it can find. Even the larva of this beetle hunts and eats caterpillars; as many as forty in their developmental stage of thirty days. They also feed on and help control potato beetles, eggs of maggots and flies, cabbage loopers, aphids, slugs, and even snails. They are your natural pest control for the garden.

They do have predators to contend with, such as Birds, frogs, raccoons, skunks. Their first line of defense is a strong odor that they can emit from their scent glands. The stinky smell can ward off some predators, however if the enemy is persistent, the Fiery Searcher will use their powerful jaws to bite their attacker and deliver a good pinch.

During the summer the female will lay a single egg. This egg will hatch in ten to twelve days and then go through 35 days of development from Larvae, Pupa to Adult. Some Fiery Searchers overwinter during this development process. Although most active from April to August, a development from egg to adult can happen in one year. This low birth rate and slow growth process make them somewhat rare but they make up for that with a very long lifespan of one to three years. Once fully developed they grow to be very large at a length of almost 1 ½” and over ½” wide.

Although the Carnivorous Fiery Searcher is lurking in wait for the Caterpillars to come out tonight, hopefully you will get a chance to see this beautiful helper in the garden. It is nice to have this natural creation as your garden pest control against caterpillars, however if your back yard has become home to other pests such as mosquitoes – call Certified Pest Control Nashville. We are a local family owned and operated business that will provide you with the level of service and trust that you deserve. If you are looking for Nashville Pest Control, search no more; call Certified Pest Control, LLC.