Wasp that Hunts Spiders

Most people do not like to see wasps around their house due to the nasty sting they can deliver. However the Blue Mud Dauber that we have here in Nashville, Tennessee could be a welcome site. They help control the spider population around your home.

This impressive looking wasp is a beautiful blue metallic in appearance, are about ½” long with a narrow waist and wings that match their blue bodies. They live a more docile life than most wasps that you fear stinging you, in that they only sting if threatened to the point of being killed. That is because they are solitary wasps, rather living in a colony. They can’t afford to sting you and then die, because then there would not be any other wasp to protect their nest. The Blue Mud Dauber spends most of its day flying around and eating nectar and pollen. So, with a diet of nectar, how does this wasp help control the spider population around your house? It is the egg laying process that causes the Blue Mud Dauber to search for and paralyze spiders. It seems as if they prefer Black Widow Spiders, which is good news to us. Once the Blue Mud Dauber has mated it then seeks out an abandoned mud nest from another mud dauber to call home to a single egg. This is where the spiders come into the picture. This wasp will hunt spiders, sting them with venom that paralyzes them and bring them back to the nest. Once laying its egg, the Blue Mud Dauber then packs the mud tube full of spiders and seals it off for protection. Instead of killing the spiders this mud dauber is smart enough to only paralyze them so that they will not decompose fast, but rather stay alive in a state of paralysis so that they will stay fresh as long as possible. As the egg matures and hatched into a larva it then has a ready source of food to eat. The larva will overwinter in the sealed off tube, safe from any predators and plenty of spider food. As spring develops, the larva will continue to eat the spiders until it has eaten its way out of the nest as a Blue Mud Dauber adult. Then the whole process begins again; so goes the circle of life and more spider control.

Although the Blue Mud Dauber does assist with your Spider Pest Control, they do live in the unsightly mud tubes that you will find clinging to your house. So, it becomes the lesser of two evils; ugly mud tubes, but less spiders. However, if you happen to have an abundance of wasp issues around your home, or not enough Blue Mud Daubers to assist with a spider issue – call your local Nashville Pest Control specialist at Certified Pest Control. Our local family owned and operated company is happy to give you a free quotation, offer great and honest service and always just a phone call away for any issue you may have. Consider asking about our affordable yearlong pest prevention program; you will not be disappointed.