Image By Juan EmilioCC BY-SA 2.0

Is It a Flower, or a Bug?

The Flower Mantis is a subspecies of the praying mantis. They are colored in a way that mimics flowers. Their body looks like the green stem, and their wings look like flower petals. To catch prey, the climb on top of a plant, and using their camouflage, they stay completely still until a prey insect comes within range; then they strike! Unlike many other insects that are camouflaged, this creature is also itself the bait for its prey. Most other creatures blend in with their surroundings so they are not seen, but the Flower Mantis makes itself look like a beautiful flower that bugs just can't help but land on. Not only does it look like a perfect flower to land on to other bugs, but it also gets a head start in drawing them in from the little black spot on its stomach. To flies, this looks like another fly! Therefore they are even more attracted to what they think is an already inhabited flower. 

The Flower Mantis has many different variations to itself as well. The most interesting part about the different species however, is that they while they all look completely different, they are camouflaged to look exactly like some form of plant in their native land. In many countries they are also kept as pets!