keep bugs out of your building

Government buildings are very busy places with more foot traffic than most. When a resident of Nashville is visiting their local government facility the last thing they want to see is a mice running around the floor, or ants crawling up the walls. 

With Certified Pest Control, we can offer an experience unlike any other. Being family owned and family operated allows us to give the kind, quality care that other companies just cant give. You get the best technicians in the business helping protect your government facilities. Unlike other services, at Certified Pest Control, we will create a custom plan that will not only keep bugs and rodents out of the building, but also a plan that will not be intrusive to the daily activities at your facility. We want to not just take care of the problem, but be as invisible as possible. 

Sometimes, as with any facility with people coming in and out and sitting, bed bugs can become a problem. If your facility were to become infested with bed bugs, Certified Pest Control would be able to come in and remove the bed bug problem from the exact area of the problem. Unlike other pest control companies, we don't have to heat whole entire rooms or buildings to get rid of a problem. Through our field proven method we are able to treat only the problem area, thus giving you a bed bug treatment at a very reduced cost.


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