Keep bugs out of every room

Hotels are a place people meant to be a home away from home for people who are staying out of town. No guest wants to be greeted in their home away from home by nasty pests! With Certified Pest Control, we can offer an experience unlike any other. Being family owned and family operated allows us to give the kind, quality care that other companies just cant give. We understand how important keeping your hotel clean is, and as part of that keeping bugs and rodents out of the rooms is a top priority. With Certified Pest Control we will provide you with a free inspection and personalized plan that will protect your hotel or vacation rental properties safe from pests, keeping customers coming back to your clean room for years to come.

With people coming in and out of your rooms so often, bed bugs are a constant risk. If someone brings bed bugs into your hotel they are going to not only infect that bed, but the bed of every guest to come! That’s one reason why bed bug services are so important, especially in your industry. Not only can having bed bugs make the room nasty and uncomfortable, but when the guest takes the bed bugs home they will go on to blame the hotel for their bed bug problem! If any room in your hotel, or any bed in your vacation rental property were to become infected with bed bugs, Certified Pest Control would be able to come in and remove the bed bug problem from the exact area of the problem. Unlike other pest control companies, we don't have to heat whole entire rooms or buildings to get rid of a problem. Through our field proven method we are able to treat only the problem area, thus giving you a bed bug treatment at a very reduced cost.


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