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Are bed bugs bugging you at night?

Look no further. Our qualified technicians can eliminate the pests that are plaguing your household. If you suspect you need bed bug control in your home due to painful and itchy bites or suspicious spotting on your furniture, please give Certified Pest Control a call. We complete a thorough inspection of your home and then provide a comprehensive extermination strategy catered to your property’s unique needs.

Bed bugs are six-legged, blood sucking parasites that feed off of humans, birds, and mammals. Females lay hundreds of eggs over their lifetime, and if conditions are favorable, young bugs may reach full development in just one month.

They are most active in the winter, but can be a problem all year long, invading even the cleanest of buildings.

Certified Pest Control provides bed bug treatment all year round that incorporates proven removal methods with state-of-the-art equipment and products. Bed bugs are not easy to eliminate once they invade your home, but we have the tools and training to handle it. Trust us to treat your property when you first see them or notice their signs, so you can sleep tight without a bed bug bite. Most importantly, don’t wait for a pest problem to get worse. Bed bugs breed fast, so what may seem like a minor issue can quickly become a major infestation as the bugs multiply and spread out over your property. Even one little bug can leave multiple bites or lay hundreds of eggs.

By calling Certified Pest Control right away, you can stop the problem where it starts.


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