Something keeping you up at night?

In the spring, cricket eggs start hatching. The tiny nymphs that emerge eat a lot and grow quickly. During warm weather crickets typically live outdoors. They feed on plants, seeds, small fruits and insects. Once fully grown, male crickets look for a mate with their often loud songs. After mating, a female cricket will produce about 50 eggs at a time and over 400 eggs in her short life.

As cold weather approaches, crickets begin to seek shelter in homes and sheds because of the moisture and warmth they provide. Once indoors, they can survive indefinitely. Crickets can become quite a nuisance inside your home as they feast on carpets, curtains and clothing. This can leave holes and rough areas made as fibers are pulled loose. Please call Certified Pest Control to identify the type of cricket in your home and thoroughly inspect nesting sites. We will utilize a control method that will both eliminate the crickets already in your home and keep them from invading again



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