How to win the fight against Mosquitoes:

We all want to enjoy the great outdoors - whether it’s playing outside with our children, grilling out with friends or enjoying time in the garden. However, it’s no fun when you are pestered by biting mosquitoes, which can carry disease.

Mosquitoes lay eggs in still, standing water. These eggs hatch into larvae, which turn into biting adults. This whole process, from egg to adult, might only take 10 days! Even a teaspoon of water is enough for mosquitoes to breed. That’s why it’s important to tip over items that collect water and prevent standing water from accumulating around your home. However, since it only takes a teaspoon of water for them to breed, it’s virtually impossible for you alone to control the mosquito population at your home.

The best approach is a collaborative effort with Certified Pest Control. Our trained technicians use a special application method that creates a very fine mist. Once a mosquito lands on this area, it will come in contact with the product and die in a short time. Most homeowners experience an 80 – 90% reduction in the mosquito population within a few treatments. The product is applied each month during the spring, summer and early fall.

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