no more stink bugs this year

Adult Stink Bugs feed on fruits, and nymphs feed on leaves, stems, and fruit. During the winter and fall season, as it begins to get colder, Stink Bugs will begin to come into your home to get out of the cold. During the Spring they will reemerge and become much more active again. When the weather gets warmer and they become more active, they are mostly found outside on the sides of buildings in large groups. Along with being a pest in the way they cover the sides of homes, they will also eat any type of vegetation you have, and they wreak havoc across the country to the agricultural industry.

When the weather gets cold and Stink Bugs begin to invade your home, or when the weather gets warm and your house is covered in them, please remember to give Certified Pest Control a call. We would be happy to take quick action for you against these pests.



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