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Cockroaches are not only a pesky problem to have; they can also put those in your home in danger. Everyone hates to turn on the light to see scurrying roaches head for their hiding place. However cockroaches are not only a pesky problem to have; they can also put those in your home in danger. The health risks of having Cockroaches in your home can range from dysentery, polio and salmonella to asthma. The problem comes with the fact that they will eat most anything, including feces. After consuming such terrible bacteria full meals, it ruminates in their own digestive tract then they crawl over uncovered food and vomit or use the bathroom on our food. We then consume that bacteria and can get quite sick. Also their shed skin has been directly linked to acute asthma attacks in many, especially children. So not are they only an unsightly problem to have, it can lead to health problems if they have invaded your home.

There are more than 4,000 cockroach species worldwide; however the German cockroach, American Cockroach, Oriental Cockroach and Brown banded Cockroach are most common in Tennessee. These bacteria spreading pests need a place to live and breed and are quite persistent about entering your home.

Cockroaches can get into your house by hitching a ride in luggage, grocery bags, moving boxes, or many other items you bring in. They can even be on your clothes, and without knowing it, you have brought this fast breeding pest into your home for them to take over. A single female can live four to five months. In this short life span, she will lay enough eggs that she and her young can produce 200,000 – 300,000 new roaches in one year. As you can see, a few roaches can turn into an infestation very quickly. .

This fast breeder is also very resilient. Quite the survivor, roaches can survive for a month without food, can live for about a week without their head and can hold their breath under water for 30 minutes or more. Their body design also makes it a very effective survivor. As it is flat and low to the ground, this makes it very easy to enter and hide under baseboards, dishwashers, cabinets and refrigerators. This is the ideal place for them to live and breed; as they are looking for a place that is dark, has moisture and food. They will eat most anything including paper or paint in order to survive. The one thing that can cause them to have a limited lifespan is lack of moisture or water. Without any water present, the cockroach can only live for a week or two. Therefore they will also be found around laundry areas, drains and basements. Another quality that aids their survival is speed. A cockroach can bolt up to 2 - 3 miles per hour. Scale that speed up to human size, and if it’s if the cockroach is speeding at 200 miles per hour, and they can turn on a dime. Keep a quick eye out, because if you see one, there are no doubt many more of these speedy pests hiding.

So, you want to do all you can to keep your home free of this unwelcome pest. Make sure to keep food in sealed containers, keep the dirty dishes from piling up in the sink, clean the home regularly, keep areas around and behind appliances clean, don’t leave pet food out and take out the garbage regularly. If you practice some of these tips, it can help your home from becoming a breeding ground for cockroaches.

However, Cockroach issues require professional treatment in order to properly exterminate this pest. Our trained technicians first identify the type of cockroach you have in your home and thoroughly inspect to locate nesting sites. We will then utilize a professional control method that will eliminate not just the roaches you see, but the entire nest. If you are experiencing issues with Cockroaches in Nashville and middle Tennessee, please contact Certified Pest Control to properly diagnose your individual solution.