Image By Josef ReischigCC BY-SA 3.0

Itching to rid your home of fleas?

One billion dollars – that’s how much pet owners spend to control fleas each year! But despite all of this effort, these troublesome pests still invade millions of homes. If left unchecked, a handful of fleas can quickly turn into hundreds and become a major headache for homeowners.

An adult flea usually remains attached to its host. However its eggs drop off the animal and end up in pet bedding, furniture and carpeting. A single adult can produce between 40 and 50 eggs in a day. Those eggs can then become new adults in less than 30 days. That explains why just treating your pet for fleas will not completely solve the problem in your home. Call Certified Pest Control to properly diagnose and properly treat your problem with an Insect Growth Regulator and follow up to get your pest problem under control.



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