Scared of spiders?

Spiders have their purpose in this world, just not in your home. Spiders are common in homes during warm weather, during mating season. However as winter approaches the Brown Recluse, Black Widow and other common spiders seek shelter. When they enter your home, they can hide in wall voids, crawl spaces, attics and continue to feed, grow and multiply. Even the smallest spider problem can quickly snowball into a more serious problem. Ignoring a single spider sighting can lead to an eventual complete infestation.

If the wrong kind of spider bites a person or pet, you could have a real problem. The best solution to spider control is prevention. Most spiders will be found outside your home along the eaves and gutters, in grass, wood piles, or tree line/wooded areas around your property. So it’s very important to inspect the exterior of your home for spider infestation.

Equally important is to inspect potential entry points into your home. Chances are that if a spider is inside your home, it’s looking for food and following other insects inside. Do it yourself techniques and store bought sprays might appear to provide a solution but it is usually just temporary. Although there are things you can do, a visit from Certified Pest Control is required to keep your family safe



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